December 5, 2018 – December 7, 2018

The JK2018 meeting will focus on a ca. 20 My interval of time spanning the
Tithonian – Berriasian / Volgian – Ryazanian / – Valanginian interval

(eventually overlapping slightly its lower and upper boundaries) in the Tethys
area, as well as in the Pacific, Boreal and Austral regions. In parallel to the
oral presentations, a poster exhibition will be organized dedicated to
regional charts in order to get a global view.

Download this file (First_Circular_2018-03-10.pdf)First_Circular_2018-03-10.pdf[ ]118 kB2018-03-13
Download this file (Second_Circular_2018-04-29.pdf)Second_Circular_2018-04-29.pdf[ ]349 kB2018-05-15